The importance and patterns for humanities education of Chinese ophthalmology residency

Ke Zheng, Yi Luo, Xiaobo Yu, Xinghuai Sun


At this point in time, the importance of medical humanities education has not been fully understood during the standardized training of residents in China. The study of medical humanities is an important facet of ophthalmology residency that needs to be strengthened. During the standardized training of ophthalmology residents, not only the medical sciences should be strengthened, but also the nature and practice of medical humanities knowledge should be enhanced in multiple aspects. Offering medically-relevant literature, history, philosophy and other courses, simulating real medical activities, being enthusiastic in popular medical science and increasing the contents of the examination in medical humanities would all be areas that would further advance the ophthalmology residency. Along with medical science education, residents will be led and trained on medical humanities as to build good medical humanistic spirit of patient care so that they may better serve patients.