Article Abstract

Application of bio-artificial cornea and its research progress

Authors: Lingqin Zeng, Gang Li, Wen Zeng, Chuhong Zhu


Cornea is a layer of transparent film which located in the forefront of the eye. In the world, more than 30% blindness patients were caused by corneal disease. Corneal transplantation is the only effective means of treatment of corneal blindness. Owing to a serious shortage of donor cornea, China’s annual eye bank can only provide a small amount of surgery used cornea. Therefore, seeking a good equivalent corneal replacement is an important way to solve the problem of insufficient donor cornea. At present, in vitro reconstruction of the tissue engineering cornea can be used as a mild corneal equivalent substitute to solve the problem of insufficient donor cornea. We may be able to rebuild a good corneal replacement for corneal transplantation. And the corneal replacement can be acting as ideal grafts for corneal transplantation in patients with severe corneal injury in the future