Article Abstract

Day surgery in strabismus operation under general anesthesia

Authors: Qi Fu, Ling-Bo He, Xue-Ru Yang, Jing Lin


Background: The purpose of this study is to summarize theapplication of day surgery combined with fast track program in strabismusoperation under general anesthesia.
Methods: The clinical data of 2,000 cases ofstrabismus patients who had underwent surgery in day surgery or traditionalhospitalization in the duration from 2015 to 2016 was retrospectively analyzed.The safety and efficacy were assessed by comparing the average length of stayin hospitals, anesthesia recovery time, patient satisfaction and number ofadverse events.
Results: Compared with the traditional group, the average length of stay inhospital and recovery time in day surgery group were significantly lower(P<0.001) and the satisfaction of patient was improved (P<0.05), whichwere statistically significant difference. Moreover, no adverse events occurredamong these patients.
Conclusions: The application of day surgery in strabismus operation under generalanesthesia is feasible, which can reduce the recovery time and shorten thehospital stay of patients safely and effectively, and their satisfaction wasimproved at the same time.