The future of intraocular lens calculations: Ladas Super Formula

Aazim A. Siddiqui, Viral Juthani, Joann Kang, Roy S. Chuck


Cataract surgery is the most performed surgery in ophthalmology and remains as the ultimate refractive surgery. It offers an opportunity to improve a patient’s visual acuity and target a degree of spectacle independence. The process of intraocular lens (IOL) calculations serves as a crucial element in achieving successful post-operative refractive outcomes. A modern-day surgeon has access to several IOL formulas to pick the most appropriate lens to achieve a desired target refraction. These formulas, however, have both advantages and limitations and therefore reach within 0.50 diopters of the target refraction only 70–80% of the time. There is a lack of a single, ideal formula that can simplify complexities of this process and achieve higher degrees of accuracy. The development of the IOL Ladas ‘super formula’ may provide a simplistic, accurate, and ever-evolving solution to improving outcomes.