Changes of anterior segment parameters after horizontal rectus muscles recession versus resection

Amani E. Badawi, Manal Ali Kasem, Tharwat Mokbel, Eman A. Awad


Background: To record the corneal, and anterior chamber depth changes after performing recession versus resection of horizontal recti muscles.
Methods: Consecutive patients who underwent isolated lateral rectus muscle recession or resection February 2014 to January 2015 were prospectively studied. Refractive error (spherical equivalent); K1, K2, and mean k reading, anterior and posterior corneal elevation; and anterior chamber depth were measured (Pentacam) before, 1 month, and 3 months after surgery. Patients who could not maintain reliable fixation and those with a history of eye surgery were excluded. Pre- and postoperative measurements were compared by analysis of variance.
Results: A total of 36 eyes of 23 patients (average age, 16 years) were included. Rectus muscle recession was performed in 24 eyes; and resection was performed in 12 eyes. Statistically significant changes in mean keratometry of recession group only. Central anterior elevation, and central anterior chamber depth were significant when both groups are compared at first month after surgery. Changes became regressive at the end of the third month. Although a significant change of central anterior elevation persisted. Conclusions: In recession group, the mean K was the only statistically significant variable by the first postoperative month. Comparing the both groups, the anterior corneal elevation, and central anterior chamber depth revealed a significant difference by the end of the first postoperative month. After 3 months, all parameters showed a statistical insignificant difference between the recession and resection groups except the anterior corneal elevation.

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