Dedicated to The Vision Health Research Network Annual 2017 Meeting and International Symposium on Retinal and Choroidal Angiogenesis (Montreal)

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The Vision Health Research Network of Québec (the Network) was established in 1995 and funded by the Fonds de la recherche du Québec en santé (FRQS). In the past 23 years, it has been the major venue to foster collaborations within Quebec’s research community and beyond. This special issue is dedicated to the Vision Health Research Network Annual Meeting and International Symposium on Retinal and Choroidal Angiogenesis (Montreal), which was successfully held during November 6-7, 2017 in Quebec, Canada. In this Special Issue, over 120 abstracts from both the Symposium and Annual Research Meeting are featured, aiming to share and highlight the novel perspectives on Retina and Posterior Segment, Brain and Perception, Cornea and Anterior Segment and Visual Impairment and Rehabilitation.

The Vision Health Research Network Annual Research Day, and International Symposium on Retinal and Choroidal Angiogenesis (Montreal)
Isabelle Brunette, Sylvain Chemtob, Tianwei Ellen Zhou

Brain and Perception
AB001. Innate immunity, aging and angiogenesis
Rajendra S. Apte
AB002. Guidance of vascular patterning in ocular development and disease
Anne Eichmann
AB003. Deregulated autophagy and energy-deficient photoreceptors drive angiogenesis in a model of age-related macular degeneration
Jean-Sébastien Joyal
AB004. Regulation of retinal angiogenesis and vascular permeability by bone morphogenetic protein signaling
Bruno Larrivée
AB005. Perspectives on complement injury and choriocapillaris endothelial cell loss in aging and age-related macular degeneration
Robert F. Mullins
AB006. The co-receptor CD36 as a target in regulation of subretinal inflammation
Samy Omri, Sylvain Chemtob
AB007. Tissue engineering of a choroidal substitute with pseudo-vascularization
Stéphanie Proulx
AB008. Cellular senescence and retinal angiogenesis
Przemyslaw Sapieha
AB009. The age-related macular degeneration genetic-risk promotes pathogenic subretinal inflammation
Florian Sennlaub
AB010. Promotion of BMP9/ALK1 quiescence signaling for the prevention of diabetic macular edema (DME)
Naoufal Akla, Claire Viallard, Cindy Lora Gil, Sapieha Przemyslaw, Bruno Larrivée
AB011. Live imaging of retinal pericytes: evidence for early calcium uptake, capillary constriction and vascular dysregulation in ocular hypertension glaucoma
Luis Alarcon-Martinez, Jorge L. Cueva Vargas, Nicolas Belforte, Deborah Villafranca-Baughman, Adriana Di Polo
AB012. Retinopathy in a mouse model for Zellweger spectrum disorder
Catherine Argyriou, Anna Polosa, Bruno Cecyre, Erminia Di Pietro, Monica Hsieh, Jean-Francois Bouchard, Pierre Lachapelle, Nancy Braverman
AB013. Sildenafil treatment following term neonatal hypoxia-ischemia may modulate inflammation by regulating gliosis
Palig Balian, Armin Yazdani, Annie Wing Hoi Poon, Zehra Khoja, Pia Wintermark
AB014. What is the role of sildenafil in repairing retinopathy of prematurity?
Alexandra Bélanger, Shulin Li, Annie Poon, Suna Jung, Palig Balian, Zehra Khoja, Ania Polosa, Pierre Lachapelle, Pia Wintermark
AB015. Metabolic stress in glaucoma engages early activation of the energy biosensor adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase leading to neuronal dysfunction
Nicolas Belforte, Jorge L. Cueva Vargas, Adriana Di Polo
AB016. A standardized approach to correlating OCT images to histopathology using paraffin embedded specimens: clarification of the ellipsoid zone and new opportunities
Sabrina Bergeron, Carlos A. Moreira Neto, Pablo Zoroquiain, Jacqueline Coblentz, Miguel N. Burnier
AB017. Investigation of the effect of lymphocyte-derived microparticles on retinal macrophages in the oxygen-induced retinopathy model
ChenRongRong Cai, Chun Yang, Carmen Gagnon, Pierre Hardy
AB018. Ocular hypertension promotes early mitochondrial fragmentation in retinal endothelial cells in a mouse model of glaucoma
Jorge L. Cueva Vargas, Yoko Ito, Khalil Miloudi, Ariel M. Wilson, Christine Vande Velde, Przemyslaw Sapieha, Adriana Di Polo
AB019. Gold-nanoparticle-assisted cell perforation by means of an optofluidic probe (needle-like) coupled to nanosecond laser
Andrew Doppenberg, Christos Boutopoulos
AB020. 3D scaffolds for optic nerve regeneration
Joel Edin, Nicole Scalet, May Griffith
AB021. The effect of anti-VEGF on retinal inflammation and its relationship with the Kinin system in a rat model of laser-induced choroidal neovascularization
Olivier Fontaine, Soumaya Achana, Réjean Couture, Mark R. Lesk, Elvire Vaucher
AB022. Membrane binding properties of the C-terminal segment of retinol dehydrogenase 8
André Hädicke, Ana I. A. Coutinho, François Otis, Mustapha Lhor, Line Cantin, Manuel Prieto, Normand Voyer, Christian Salesse
AB023. Characterization of a novel anti-angiogenic protein for the treatment of exudative age-related macular degeneration
Erika Hooker, Natalija Popovic, Andrea Barabino, Anthony Flamier, Gilbert Bernier, Bruno Larrivée
AB024. Photo-oxidation of N-retinylidene-N-retinylethanolamine in vitro by high-energy visible light
Marie-Christine Lambert, Mathieu Ouellette, Élodie Boisselier, Patrick J. Rochette
AB025. Machine learning applied to the oxygen induced retinopathy model
Javier Mazzaferri, Bruno Larrivée, Przemyslaw Sapieha, Santiago Costantino
AB026. Referrals from optometry—a comparative study (the R.O.C.S study)
Christopher McLaughlin, Michelle Biehl, Brian Chan, Sarah Mullen, Lily Zhao, Laura Donaldson, Niro Sivachandran, Prima Moinul, Joshua Barbosa, Varun Chaudhary
AB027. Nogo-A neutralisation improves vision recovery after retinal injury
Julius Baya Mdzomba, Sandrine Joly, Léa Rodriguez, Frédéric Bretzner, Vincent Pernet
AB028. Mesenchymal stem cells repair retinal vascular damage in retinopathy of prematurity mouse model
Baraa Noueihed, Jose Carlos Rivera, Sylvain Chemtob
AB029. The role of inducible nitric oxide synthase in deleterious effects of Kinin B1 receptor in diabetic retinopathy
Rahmeh Othman, Elvire Vaucher, Réjean Couture
AB030. Characterization of the interactions between hepatic stellate cells and tumor cells during uveal melanoma metastatic progression
Léo Piquet, William Pelletier, Peter Gerges, Julie Bérubé, Solange Landreville
AB031. Switching to aflibercept in diabetic macular edema not responding to bevacizumab in a Canadian real-life setting
Ali Salimi, Natalia Vila, Michael A. Kapusta
AB032. The effect of eyemasks on reducing stress associated with retinopathy of prematurity screening
Andrei-Alexandru Szigiato, Matthew Speckert, Jeanne Zielonka, Kathleen Hollamby, Mary Debono, Filiberto Altomare, Eugene Ng, Rosane Nisenbaum, Michael Sgro
AB033. Implication of beta-adrenergic receptor in choroidal neovascularization
Houda Tahiri, Samy Omri, Isabelle Lahaie, Sylvain Chemtob
AB034. In vivo laser-mediated retinal ganglion cell optoporation using Kv1.1 conjugated gold nanoparticles
Ariel M. Wilson, Javier Mazzaferri, Éric Bergeron, Sergiy Patskovsky, Santiago Costantino, Michel Meunier, Przemyslaw Sapieha
AB035. Lactate receptor GPR81 modulates epigenetic modification in the subretina
Xiaojuan Yang, Raphael Rouget, Tang Zhu, Christiane Quiniou, Shasha Lv, Suna Jung, Francois Duhamel, Houda Tahiri, Samy Omri, Baraa Noueihed, Xin Hou, José Carlos Rivera, Mathieu Nadeau-Vallée, Pierre Lachapelle, Sylvain Chemtob
AB036. Pulsatile choroidal blood flow (PCBF) in the glaucoma spectrum—preliminary results obtained with a novel optical method
Wenzhen Zuo, Diane N. Sayah, Javier Mazzaferri, Santiago Costantino, Mark R. Lesk
AB037. rAAV mediated PEX1 gene augmentation improves visual function in a mouse model for Zellweger spectrum disorder
Catherine Argyriou, Ji Yun Song, Ania Polosa, Bruno Cecyre, Jean-Francois Bouchard, Pierre Lachapelle, Jean Bennett, Nancy Braverman
AB038. Assessing a novel approach to teaching ophthalmoscopy to medical student
Étienne Bénard-Séguin, Jason Kwok, Walter Liao, Stephanie Baxter
AB039. Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase A (PPIA)—a novel biomarker of multi-episodic (recurrent) ocular toxoplasmosis
Jordan Isenberg, Rubens N. Belfort, Makan Golizeh, Alexandre Da Silva, Miguel N. Burnier, Momar Ndao
AB040. Pou2f1/2 are required for the specification of cone photoreceptors in the developing retina
Awais Javed, Pierre Mattar, Michel Cayouette
AB041. The implication of miRNA let-7f in retinal pigment epithelium degeneration under oxidative stress
Saeideh Shani, Chun Yang, Carmen Gagnon, Pierre Hardy
AB042. Pericytes on microvessels lead to vascular dysfunction during retinal ischemia
Deborah Villafranca-Baughman, Luis Alarcón-Martínez, Adriana Di Polo
AB043. Long-standing choroidal thinning in oxygen-induced retinopathy
Tianwei Ellen Zhou, Tang Zhu, Houda Tahiri, Samy Omri, José Carlos Rivera, Isabelle Lahaie, Cheri Deal, Stanley Nattel, Sylvain Chemtob
AB044. Phototoxic stress induced in retinal pigmented epithelium cells by the synergy between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and blue light
Corinne Zinflou, Patrick J. Rochette
AB045. Prognostic significance and characterization of small epithelioid cell population i
Prisca Bustamante, Pablo Zoroquiain, Evangelina Esposito, Ciro Garcia, Maria A. Saornil, Wiliam April, Miguel Burnier
AB046. The retinoblastoma model for translational research
Pierre Hardy, Chung Yang, Rosanne Superstein, Mike P. Sapieha, Patrick Hamel
AB047. Quebec database of clinical data and biological material for research on uveal melanoma
Solange Landreville, Frédéric Mouriaux, Patrick J. Rochette, Christian Salesse, Mohib W. Morcos, Claudine Bellerive, Sylvain Guérin

Brain and Perception
AB048. Pre-saccadic attentional facilitation is influenced by irrelevant post-saccadic changes
Maxime Bleau, Anne-Sophie Laurin, Anton Malienko, Trang Tran, Laure Pisella, Aarlenne Z. Khan
AB049. Astrogliosis in the monkey retina in response to moderate fetal alcohol exposure
Joseph Bouskila, Ryan Kucera, Clara Eid, Jean-François Bouchard, Roberta Palmour, Maurice Ptito
AB050. Neuronal response to visual contrast varies as function of the cortical layer
Alexie-Emma Byrns, Nelson Cortes, Visou Andy, Christian Casanova
AB051. Dynamics of visual cortex are dependent on pulvinar activity
Nelson Cortes, Bruno Souza, Visou Andy, Christian Casanova
AB052. A standardized quantification of the visual contrast response function
Marc Demers, Nelson Cortes, Visou Andy, Bruno Oliveira, Alexie Byrns, Olivia Bibollet-Bahena, Christian Casanova
AB053. Oscillatory activity specific to peripheral emotional treatment induced by a visual steady state
Caroline Grand-Maître, Vanessa Hadid, Michèle W. MacLean, Marie-Charlotte Higgins, Simon Faghel Soubeyrand, Franco Lepore
AB054. Audio—visual multiple object tracking
Vanessa Harrar, Eugenie Roudaia, Jocelyn Faubert
AB055. Eye movements in the dark: saccades to non-visual targets
Vanessa Harrar, William Le, Maurice Ptito, Aarlenne Z. Khan
AB056. Multisensory stochastic facilitation: effect of thresholds and reaction times
Vanessa Harrar, Vanessa Harrar, Eduardo J. Lugo, Raphael Doti
AB057. Diagnostic information for the recognition of 3D forms in humans
Lydia Hébert-Tremblay, Martin Arguin
AB058. A longitudinal study on the effects of the optic nerve crush on behavioural visual acuity measures in mice
Jacqueline Higgins, Marianne Groleau, Elvire Vaucher
AB059. Expression patterns of CB1R, NAPE-PLD, and FAAH in the primary visual cortex of vervet monkeys
Ryan Kucera, Joseph Bouskila, Caleb Zalaznick, Michel Toutoungy, Karys Peterson, Roberta Palmour, Jean-François Bouchard, Maurice Ptito
AB061. Changes in eye movement strategies during a discrimination task in the presence of artificial central scotomas
Paul Lene, Trang Tran, Anne-Sophie Laurin, Romain Fournet, Frédéric Gosselin, Aarlenne Z. Khan
AB062. Cortical state contribution to neuronal response variability
Shangge Jiang, Guangxing Li, Curtis L. Baker
AB063. Contrasting effects of exogenous attention on saccades and reaches
Anton Malienko, Aarlenne Zein Khan
AB064. Product knowledge predicts greater willingness to buy and gaze-related attention, salience does not
Matthew Martin, Bianca Grohmann, Aaron Johnson
AB065. Pedestrian modeling using the least-action principle
Sergio Mejia-Romero, J. Eduardo Lugo, Rafael Doti, Jocelyn Faubert
AB066. Duration dependent visual plasticity via monocular deprivation
Seung Hyun Min, Alex Baldwin, Alexandre Reynaud, Robert F. Hess
AB067. Cholinergic enhancement of short-term patching in healthy adults
Yasha Sheynin, Mira Chamoun, Alex Baldwin, Elvire Vaucher, Robert F. Hess
AB068. Texture density aftereffect can be bidirectional
Hua-Chun Sun, Frederick A. A. Kingdom, Curtis L. Baker
AB069. Defining the perceptual profiles of children and adolescents with a neurodevelopmental condition
Domenico Tullo, Margarita Miseros, Armando Bertone
AB070. Feedback improves orientation discrimination in neurotypical adults, but not in adults with autism: a pilot study
Kirsty Ainsworth, Valérie Courchesne, Laurent Mottron, Armando Bertone
AB071. Psychophysical investigation of dichoptic blur suppression in human vision
Alex S. Baldwin, Robert F. Hess
AB072. Functional impact of the lateral posterior nucleus on the mouse primary visual cortex
Umit Keysan, Christian Casanova
AB073. Correlations between control of saccadic eye movements and performance in other cognitive tasks in younger adults, older adults and patients with Parkinson’s disease
Julie Ouerfelli-Ethier, Basma Elsaeid, Julie Des Groseilliers, Lydia Ouchene, Douglas P. Munoz, Gunnar Blohm, Aarlenne Z. Khan
AB074. Link between interocular correlation sensitivity and stereoscopic vision
Alexandre Reynaud, Robert F. Hess
AB075. Population trends in adult strabismus surgery
Andrei-Alexandru Szigiato, Meggie Caldwell, Yvonne M. Buys, Stephen P. Kraft, Kamiar Mireskandari
AB076. Prototypical spatial patterns of activation from common experience
Angela Zhang, Sébastien Proulx, Yiran Chen, Hassan Akhavein, Reza Farivar

Cornea and Anterior Segment
AB077. Optical coherence tomography angiography
David Chow
AB078. Ocular involvement in epidermolysis bullosa
Soumaya Bouhout, Marie-Claude Robert
AB079. HER2 as a possible therapeutic target in squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva
Paulina García de Alba Graue, Evangelina Esposito, Pablo Zoroquiain, Ana Beatriz Toledo Dias, Miguel Burnier
AB080. Exercise induced changes in intraocular pressure is related to systemic dehydration
Jean-Marie Hanssens, Gabrielle Roddy, Dave Ellenberg
AB081. Multi-unit ocular biometric system based on corneal shapes
Nassima Kihal, Isabelle Brunette, Jean Meunier
AB082. Gold nanoparticles as a new drug vector for glaucoma therapy
Florence Masse, Mathieu Ouellette, Elodie Boisselier
AB083. Intraocular lens biocompatibility: a novel, objective approach
Christina Mastromonaco, Matthew Balazsi, Evangelina Esposito, Jacqueline Coblentz, Siblini Aya, Jade Lasiste, Miguel N. Burnier
AB084. Correlation between histopathology and optical coherence tomography in periocular tumors
Denise Miyamoto, Sabrina Bergeron, Bryan Arthurs, Debra-Meghan Sanft, Christina Mastromonaco, Andre Romano, Miguel N. Burnier
AB085. E-beam sterilization of recombinant human collagen-phosphorylcholine corneal implants for transplantation
Fiona Simpson, Joel Edin, Mohammed Mirazol Islam, Oleksiy Buznyk, Monika Ljunggren Kozak, Aneta Liszka, Kim Merrett, Håkan Per Fagerholm Gustafsson, May Griffith
AB086. Influence of the intraocular pressure on the expression of tight junctions in the corneal endothelium
Mathieu Thériault, Olivier Roy, Isabelle Brunette, Stéphanie Proulx
AB087. Corneal phenotype of a Slc4a11 knockout murine model for congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy
Sergiu Vlad, Antoine Sylvestre Bouchard, Hasitha de Alwis Weerasekera, Rami Darwich, Marilyse Piché, Khampoun Sayasith, Joseph Casey, Isabelle Brunette
AB088. Quality of life and visual function in patients with Boston type I keratoprosthesis
Cristina Bostan, Marwan Elfekhfakh, Mona Harissi-Dagher
AB089. Impact of WNK1 inhibition on corneal wound healing using a model of human tissue-engineered cornea
Pascale Desjardins, Camille Couture, Karine Zaniolo, Lucie Germain, Sylvain Guérin
AB090. MOG1, the genetic modifier at 20q13, delays the age-at-onset of glaucoma by 8 to 10 years
Vincent Raymond, Pascal Belleau, Rose Arseneault, Stéphane Dubois, Jean-Louis Anctil, Gilles Côté, Marcel Amyot, Fahed Elian, Michael A. Walter, Québec Glaucoma Network
AB091. A novel method for the measurement of pulsatile choroidal blood flow based on video-rate OCT imaging and automated segmentation of the choroid: description and reproducibility
Diane N. Sayah, Wenzhen Zuo, Javier Mazzaferri, Luke Beaton, Santiago Costantino, Mark R. Lesk
AB092. Database for the anatomopathological, functional and surgical characterization of the cornea
Jean Meunier, Mona Dagher, Julia Talajic, Marie-Claude Robert, Isabelle Brunette
AB093. Ocular tissues bank for vision health research
Kim Santerre, Mathieu Thériault, Sylvain Chemtob, Lucie Germain, Claude Giasson, Sylvain Guérin, Solange Landreville, Patrick J. Rochette, Christian Rochette, Mike Sapieha, Élodie Boisselier, Vincent Pernet, Stéphanie Proulx

Visual Impairment and Rehabilitation
AB094. Development and validation of a screening questionnaire for the Charles Bonnet syndrome
Sylvie Cantin, Josée Duquette, François Dutrisac, Lise Ponton, Marie Courchesne, Roger Dufour, Walter de Abreu Cybis, Kassandre Montisci, Walter Wittich, Marie-Chantal Wanet-Defalque
AB095. Development of an assessment system of driver visual behaviours on a car simulator
Josée Duquette, Walter de Abreu Cybis, Isabelle Gélinas, Geneviève Lize, Marie-Chantal Wanet-Defalque
AB096. Neurophysiological measures of stigma stereotypes
Corina Lacombe, Walter Wittich, Sarah Fraser, Aaron Johnson
AB097. Barriers and facilitators related to the use of optical low vision aids, a scoping review
Marie-Céline Lorenzini, Jonathan Jarry, Walter Wittich
AB098. Perceptual, motor and cognitive factors related to braille reading performance in aging: a scoping review
Natalie Martiniello, Walter Wittich
AB099. Cognitive impairment and age-related macular degeneration: a possible genetic link
Caitlin Murphy, Robert K. Koenekoop, Olga Overbury
AB100. Screening for vision and hearing loss in patients with dementia: recommendations from interviews with sensory experts
Walter Wittich, Jonathan Jarry, Fiona Höbler, Katherine McGilton
AB101. Portable closed-circuit TV versus iPad in spot reading tasks
Walter Wittich, Jonathan Jarry, Julie-André Marinier, Aaron Johnson
AB102. Image blur perception in amblyopia: beyond edges
Charlene Yang, Reza Farivar, Robert F. Hess
AB103. Comparative study on the actual lighting assessment method and the use of a standardized tool (LuxIQTM)
Rebecca Henry, Walter Wittich, Marie-Chantal Wanet-Defalque
AB104. Validation of the international reading speed texts in a Canadian sample
Elliott Morrice, Julian Hughes, Walter Wittich, Aaron Johnson
AB105. Database of retinal images in visually impaired individuals: drusen and age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Aaron Johnson, Caitlin Murphy
AB106. ORVIS: a directory of tools for vision rehabilitation
Walter Wittich