Medical Education for Ophthalmology Training

Posted On 2017-07-12 07:40:23

This special issue edited by Guest Editors Drs. Karl Golnik, Dan Liang and Dangying Zheng (Figure 1), comprehensively addresses many of principles and changes that have occurred over the past couple of decades. The intent of all of the educational principles, techniques and assessments described in this special issue of the Annals of Eye Science is to produce better ophthalmologists and ultimately better patient care. We hope they could benefit the teaching and training of young surgeons all over the world, even patients.

Best practices in ophthalmic education
Karl C. Golnik, Danying Zheng, Dan Liang

Diversity and more investment needed in Chinese medical education
Jian Ge, Ziming Luo, Sijing Yang

Review Article
A comparison of ophthalmic education in China and America
Ziyuan Liu, Mugen Liu, Robert Chang, Ping Huang, Chun Zhang

The good doctor: more than medical knowledge & surgical skill
Andreas K. Lauer, Dariah A. Lauer

Review Article
The importance and patterns for humanities education of Chinese ophthalmology residency
Ke Zheng, Yi Luo, Xiaobo Yu, Xinghuai Sun

A fundamental (often neglected) lecture skill: presenting with credibility
Ana Gabriela Palis

The fallacy of the traditional classroom: why we need to flip the classroom
Eduardo Mayorga

Original Article
Flipped classroom approach to ophthalmology clerkship courses for Chinese students of eight-year program
Ying Yang, Chao-Chao Xu, Yu Jia, Yu-Xian Zou, Yong Ao, Zhe-Qian Huang, Yu Cai, Wei Xin, Miao-Ling Li, Yang-Fan Yang, Hao-Tian LinAnnals of Eye Science

Review Article
Teaching in the operating room: trends in surgical skills transfer in ophthalmology
Anastasia Neufeld, Laura L. Hanson, Jeff Pettey

Principles of assessment and effective feedback
Jorge Eugenio Valdez-García, Mildred Vanessa López Cabrera, Elena Ríos Barrientos

Workplace-based assessments
Karl C. Golnik

Program & faculty evaluation
Andreas K. Lauer

Program accreditation
Karl C. Golnik

Continuing professional development: progress beyond continuing medical education
Helena Prior Filipe, Heather Gwen Mack, Karl C. Golnik

Figure 1: Guest Editors (left to right) :
Karl C. Golnik, MD, MEd
University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Eye Institute
1945 CEI Dr.
Cincinnati, OH, USA 45242
Dan Liang, MD, PhD.
State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology,
Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-Sen University,
Guangzhou, China.
Danying Zheng, MSc.
Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University,
Guangzhou, China, 510000