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A virtual model of the retina based on histological data as a tool for evaluation of the visual fields

	author = {Francisco-Javier Carreras and Ángel V. Delgado and José L. García-Serrano and Javier Medina-Quero},
	title = {A virtual model of the retina based on histological data as a tool for evaluation of the visual fields},
	journal = {Annals of Eye Science},
	volume = {2},
	number = {6},
	year = {2017},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Background: To settle the fundamentals of a numerical procedure that relates retinal ganglion-cell density and threshold sensitivity in the visual field. The sensitivity of a generated retina and visual pathways to virtual stimuli are simulated, and the conditions required to reproduce glaucoma-type defects both in the optic-nerve head (ONH) and visual fields are explored.
Methods: A definition of selected structural elements of the optic pathways is a requisite to a translation of clinical knowledge to computer programs for visual field exploration. The program is able to generate a database of normalized visual fields. The relationship between the number of extant receptive fields and threshold sensitivity is plotted for background sensitivity and corresponding automated perimetry. A solution in two planes to the 3D distribution of axons in the ONH is proposed. Visual fields with induced damage in the optic disc are comparable in pattern and quantity to glaucomatous records.
Results: The two-level simulation of the ONH facilitates the analysis of optic-cup/retinal defects. We can generate the virtual optic pathways tailored to the age and morphology of the patient’s eye, and it is possible to reproduce glaucomatous damage by “reverse engineering” engineering. The virtual cortical model renders a quantitative relationship between visual defect and neural damage.
Conclusions: A two-level computing of the retina/optic nerve facilitates the analysis of neuroretinal defects and can be incorporated to automatic perimeters to facilitate visual field analysis.},
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