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Myasthenia gravis

	author = {Sayena Jabbehdari and Karl C. Golnik},
	title = {Myasthenia gravis},
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	abstract = {Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune antibody-mediated disorder which causes fluctuating weakness in ocular, bulbar and limb skeletal muscles. There are two major clinical types of MG. Ocular MG (OMG) affects extra ocular muscles associated with eye movement and eyelid function and generalized MG results in muscle weakness throughout the body. Patients with OMG have painless fluctuating extra ocular muscles weakness, diplopia and ptosis accompanied by normal visual acuity and pupillary function. Frequently, patients with OMG develop generalized MG over 24 months. Pure OMG is more often earlier in onset (},
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