Pinghong Lai, MD, PhD

Jiangxi Eye Center, Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital, Nanchang, China

Dr. Lai’s research interests include retinal diseases, retinal microvascular damage and repair, retinopathy of prematurity and so on. In recent years, He has conducted some projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Technology Department of Jiangxi Province.

Dr. Lai has published in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and abstracts in areas of minimally invasive vitrectomy,chemotacticfactor/ chemotacticfactor receptor induced retinal progenitor cells transplantation, subconjunctival limbus oblique incision for sutureless manual small-incision cataract surgery and other medical and surgical retinal conditions. He has made numerous presentations at scientific meetings.His current clinical research focuses on itreoretinal surgery, phacoemulsification, screening of retinopathy of prematurity and other specialized surgery.